Paul Below

Paul Below

Paul BelowPaul Below has over 30 years of experience in technology measurement, statistical analysis, estimating, Six Sigma, and data mining.  As a Principal Consultant with QSM, he provides clients with statistical analysis of operational performance, process improvement, and predictability.  He has written numerous articles for industry journals and is co-author of the 2012 IFPUG Guide to IT and Software Measurement, and regularly presents his technical papers at industry conferences.  He has developed courses and been an instructor for software estimation, Lean Six Sigma, metrics analysis, function point analysis, and has also taught metrics for two years in the Masters of Software Engineering Program at Seattle University.  Paul is a Certified SLIM Estimation Professional, and has been a Certified Software Quality Analyst and a Certified Function Point Analyst.  He is a Six Sigma Black Belt, and has one US Patent.

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