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QSM Releases SLIM-Suite 10.2

Product Update Improves Planning and Risk Management for Agile Projects

MCLEAN, VA, October 25, 2019 - Quantitative Software Management, Inc. (QSM), is pleased to announce the release of SLIM Suite 10.2, the latest version of QSM’s flagship software estimation program that allows enterprises to estimate cost, time, and effort requirements for software and systems projects to better predict outcomes.

The newest release is designed for better planning for agile projects. The tools now feature increment lines, such as Sprint and Program Increment lines, for agile project estimates in SLIM-Estimate, as well as for tracking and forecasting in SLIM-Control. The tools calculate the number of fixed duration sprints required to complete a project and allow the user to recalculate based on scope, staffing, and productivity assumptions. They determine cost and effort between increments, allowing users to effectively plan resources and capacity, as well as analyze trade-offs.

Quadrant charts, which had previously been available in SLIM-MasterPlan and SLIM-Collaborate, are now available in SLIM-Estimate and SLIM-Metrics. These powerful visualizations allow users to analyze an estimate's risk due to trend variance and to analyze trend variance among groups of projects for selected core metrics.

"Business stakeholders need insight early in the project planning process to effectively mitigate risk, even with agile projects," said Larry Putnam, Jr., Co-CEO for QSM. "SLIM-Suite 10.2 makes it easier than ever to visualize the risk/benefit trade-offs of business decisions and delegate resources no matter what development process you're using." 

SLIM-Suite utilizes data derived from the QSM Metrics Database, drawing from over 13,000 completed software projects from North and South America, Australia, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

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