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QSM Releases SLIM PPM Connector for CA PPM

New Product Improves Estimation with Top-Down Resource Demand Management and Capacity Planning Integration

MCLEAN, VA, April 12, 2016 – Quantitative Software Management, Inc. (QSM), a leader in software process improvement and systems development estimation, today announced the availability of its new product, SLIM PPM Connector for CA Project and Portfolio Management (PPM), (formerly CA Clarity).  SLIM PPM Connector is an extension to SLIM‑Estimate, QSM’s flagship software estimation program that allows enterprises to estimate cost, time and effort requirements for software or systems projects to predict better outcomes. 

The new tool allows for the direct and seamless integration of SLIM‑Estimate’s top-down resource demand management capabilities with CA’s PPM product, giving software project managers the best likelihood of accurately predicting staffing needs throughout the lifecycle of a project, as well as providing the resource demand data needed for enterprise resource planning.

“When it comes to vetting proposals in PPM systems, it is commonplace to simply ballpark numbers, which can often end up being interpreted as fact and lead to high-risk projects getting approved into the enterprise portfolio,” says Larry Putnam, Jr., Co-CEO for QSM. “By automatically integrating SLIM-Estimate with PPM tools, you can use tried and true quantitative analytics that give you the best likelihood of having the right people, with the right skills, on the project team at the right time to ensure a successfully completed project.”  

SLIM‑Estimate utilizes data derived from the QSM Metrics Database, drawing from over 10,000 completed software projects from North and South America, Australia, Europe, Africa, and Asia, representing over 740 million lines of code, 600+ development languages, and 105,833 person years of effort.  

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