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QSM Releases 2017 Software Almanac

New resource for industry leaders focuses on the importance of estimation for improved software quality

MCLEAN, VA, February 9, 2017 – Quantitative Software Management, Inc. (QSM), a leader in software process improvement and systems development estimation, today released the Winter 2017 version of its annual Software Almanac.  This year’s edition focuses on the uses and advantages of parametric estimation and importance of quality as it pertains to software projects. 

The 2017 Software Almanac focuses on the successful application of processes outlined in last year’s edition, which examined the past 35 years of software estimation and identified principles that are still applicable today, despite the evolution of agile methodologies. The 2017 Software Almanac includes articles examining primary core metrics, management, and best practices to minimize software project failures. These articles address the dangers of ignoring historical data, lessons learned from past software projects, and the value of applying those lessons correctly.  

“Software is more important than ever before,” said Doug Putnam, co-CEO for QSM. “When it comes to things like aircraft, self-driving cars, and real-time software, there is no room to compromise software accuracy, reliability, or quality, as missing the mark could be catastrophic.  We’re excited to release the newest edition of the QSM Software Almanac to support the success of innovative technologies through estimation.” 

Much of the content in the 2017 QSM Software Almanac is derived from the QSM Metrics Database. The Database includes more than 10,000 completed software projects across all industries and six continents. The data it contains represents over 740 million lines of code, 600+ development languages, and 105,833 person years of effort.  

The 2017 QSM Software Almanac can be downloaded for free by visiting    

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