Press Release

QSM Receives Four “Exceptional” Ratings from Army Contractor Performance Assessment Report (CPAR)

MCLEAN, VA, JAN. 12, 2012 - QSM, Inc., a leader in software process improvement and systems development estimation, received four “Exceptional” ratings from the Army Contractor Performance Assessment Report (CPAR).

A CPAR assessment is based on objective facts and supported by program and contract management data, such as cost performance reports, customer comments, technical interchange meetings, quality reviews, construction/production management reviews, financial solvency assessments, contractor operations reviews, functional performance evaluations, and earned contract incentives. The Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS) is the Department of Defense (DoD) Enterprise Solution for collection of contractor Past Performance Information (PPI) as required by the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).

The Army has worked successfully with QSM since 2004, having leveraged both QSM’s SLIM software estimation tools and consulting services.

About Quantitative Software Management, Inc. (QSM)

Founded in 1978 by one of the pioneers of software measurement, Larry Putnam, Sr., QSM offers estimation products and consulting that enable federal and commercial clients to estimate, track and benchmark projects. QSM tools and methods help software and systems developers negotiate achievable goals, set realistic expectations, and communicate more effectively with management and customers. QSM offers the SLIM (Software Lifecycle Management) Suite of tools, which contains metrics from a worldwide database of more than 10,000 completed projects, enabling productivity benchmarking on the desktop. Using SLIM to dynamically run 'virtual project simulations," companies can model and forecast project releases to deliver on time, within budget with > 90% estimation accuracy.