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Sizing Techniques in SLIM-Estimate


What options are available for sizing projects in SLIM-Estimate?

The Size Calculator offers a variety of sizing techniques that may be used individually or in combination. A common and flexible technique is Sizing by Decomposition, which allows you to break the system down into individual components such as epics, stories, features, RICEF objects, or your custom components, each of which can have its own gearing factor (IU/component). The individual component estimates are rolled up into a total size estimate, which will be posted back to the Solution Assumptions screen.



Instructions for using the Sizing Calculator and descriptions of each sizing method are available in SLIM-Estimate NetHelp.

QSM's Software Size Matters Infographic also provides a great general resource for which sizing unit to use at each point in the software lifecycle.

Please contact QSM Support for help creating your size estimates.


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