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How Does SLIM-Control Handle Missing (Actual) Data?


How does SLIM-Control handle missing actual data points?

The answer to this question depends on the context. You can display interpolated or missing data points on charts via the "display interpolated data" option in the chart properties. If possible, SLIM-Control will interpolate missing data points using the expected shape of the associated metric curve. Note that only interior data points can be interpolated - SLIM-Control needs a start and end point for interpolation.

It's important to realize that interpolated data points have no bearing on the analysis of actual data in SLIM-Control. When you run a forecast, missing data points are not used during curve fit analysis. The only time missing data is not completely ignored is in the case of milestones. If a milestone should have occurred prior to the projection date (and no actual milestone date has been entered), SLIM-Control assumes the milestone has been missed and the earliest it can occur is immediately after the date of projection. If more than one milestone is "missing", it is assumed that they have all been missed, and that the earliest missed milestone cannot occur before the date of projection.

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