Project Estimation and Planning

Project Estimation and Planning

Estimation Center of Excellence - QSM's parametric-driven approach is designed to allow projects not only to begin on solid ground, but to move, in control, more predictably through the full system development lifecycle. Our seasoned consultants work with organizational decision makers and development teams to identify areas of improvement, refine processes, set realistic estimates for development projects and quantify the ROI.

Estimation Process Consulting - If your current estimation process is ineffective, routinely resulting in projects that are delivered late, over budget, poor quality and have reduced capabilities, then you could benefit from having QSM work with your team to establish a world class approach.

Function Point Analysis - QSM has been collecting and analyzing function point data since the mid 90’s and has IFPUG Certified Function Point Specialists (CFPS) in the US and Europe that can deliver function point counting, as well as industry-leading benchmarking services.

Independent Bid Assessment and Alternatives Analysis - We use our SLIM-Estimate® tool to perform an independent estimate and compare various solution alternatives based on your business and technical requirements.

Acquisition and Program Management - We have Project Management Institute (PMI®) certified Project Management Professionals (PMP®) who can assist you with every step of the project management process to include initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling and closing. We use SLIM-Estimate® for initiating and planning, SLIM-Control® for monitoring and controlling and SLIM-Metrics® for closing. We can also help manage multiple projects at the program and portfolio level using SLIM-MasterPlan®.


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