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Introducing the SLIM-Estimate Certification Program

QSM is pleased to announce the SLIM-Estimate® Certification Program.  Specifically designed to help our customers ensure the technical excellence of their SLIM users, this program increases the business value of our software project estimation tools to your organization. 

How Certification Is Achieved:

In order to be awarded certification, a user must demonstrate competence in the following areas:

  • A complete understanding of fundamental theory underlying the SLIM Methodology
  • The ability to fully configure/customize SLIM-Estimate to a client environment
  • The ability to efficiently use the tool and answer questions that typically come up during analysis
  • Demonstration of the business value in the application of SLIM in your organization

Components of the Certification Program:

  • You must meet a minimum criteria before you will be allowed to take the certification exam:
    • Successful completion of a QSM-conducted SLIM-Estimate training class
    • 1 year of operational experience using the QSM SLIM-Estimate tool
    • Practical application of SLIM-Estimate to no fewer than 6 real projects
  • The exam is comprised of a four part test along with all the documentation and SLIM files required to complete the exam.
  • It takes approximately 5 hours to complete the exam.  The exam must be completed within two weeks from the time the exam is administered.
  • You must achieve a  minimum score of 90% on the overall exam with no individual sections having a score less that 80%.
  • The Certification exam cost is $500 which covers the cost of administration and grading the exam.
  • Successful candidates will receive a certificate and plaque documenting their achievement.

Contact us for more information about certification.

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