SLIM-Collaborate ®

SLIM gives you the power of instant Web access to the information that matters most.

Fast, Simple Project Intelligence for Anyone and Everyone

Is a software proposal destined to fail? Are a vendor’s assumptions unrealistic? Will adding more programmers help or hurt?

These questions are crucial for determining the feasibility of any project. But for non-technical business stakeholders, getting the answers can be a daunting task.

That’s why SLIM-Collaborate offers everyone in your enterprise instant Web access to the information that matters most.

Who says software lifecycle management has to be difficult or complicated? With SLIM-Collaborate, the intelligence is everywhere you need it—from the C-suite to the sales floor.

SLIM-Collaborate Benefits

Make smarter, faster decisions at every stage of the software development life cycle

Set expectations and negotiate with total confidence

Pull trend lines and trend data from more than 10,000 real-life software projects

Get on-demand intelligence

Share project data, analysis, and dashboards with estimators, project managers, stakeholders, senior managers, and anyone else—instantly

SLIM-Collaborate Screenshots

Return on Investment

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This demo gives you an overview of QSM's SLIM-Estimate tool, as well as an introduction to the SLIM Suite of Tools and the QSM Database. Let us show you how easy it is to generate reliable estimates validated by completed project data from the QSM Industry Database or your own history!

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