Estimation Center of Excellence

The pressure to succeed in software development is higher than ever. When projects fail, the failure to meet expectations is more often an estimation or business decision failure rather than a production or execution issue. The parametric-driven essence of QSM's approach is designed to expose such liabilities before they cause an adverse (or disastrous) outcome, as well as reveal probable scenarios and ongoing considerations to guide and course correct once the projects are underway. Those two core principles are at the heart of the QSM Estimation Center of Excellence: to allow projects not only to begin on solid ground, but to move, in control, more predictably through the full system development lifecycle.

QSM's Proven Approach

Our seasoned consultants work with organizational decision makers and development teams to identify areas of improvement, refine processes, set realistic estimates for development projects and quantify the ROI. Typical process includes:

Estimation Center of Excellence

  1. COE Business Case - justification for investment
  2. Charter - confirm business case and buy-in from senior management
  3. Estimation Process Definition – tailors process to the organization, taking into account development methodologies, tooling, and configuration
  4. Infrastructure Setup – integrates with existing enterprise systems, such as PPM and testing
  5. Deployment – includes awareness seminars, process and tooling education for both expert and casual users
  6. Feedback and Continuous Improvement

Stakeholder Benefits

The benefits of an Estimation Center of Excellence are realized throughout an organization at a variety of levels:

  • C-Level - Performance benchmarks and dashboards; strategic program risk assessment and portfolio performance optimization
  • Project Managers - Realistic schedules, budgets, resource optimization; negotiation tools; risk assessment
  • Business Stakeholders – Transparency, partner relationship with development organization
  • Acquisition - Visibility into supplier capability and performance, best price and value

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