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QSM offers benchmarking services specifically designed to help software development or acquisition organizations to quantify and demonstrate performance improvement over time. Read more...

About QSM

As pioneers and innovators in the software estimation field since 1978, QSM is more than a company; it's the philosophy that defines our mission. Our goal is to help our clients become world-class software developers so they can deliver world-class software projects.
QSM provides superior estimation products and consulting that enable our clients to estimate, track and benchmark projects with confidence. QSM tools and methods can help you negotiate achievable goals, set realistic expectations and communicate more effectively with your colleagues and customers.


It is no coincidence that this year’s release of the 2014 QSM Software Almanac has been coined the Research Edition. The data, research, insights, analysis and trends packed into the 200+ page book truly make it the ultimate resource for software... More...
QSM's recent webinar, Organizational Success; A Practical Guide to the Estimation Center of Excellence, presented by J.D. Ottenbreit, featured a lively Q&A session from our audience. Here are the highlights:Q: You mentioned that data is... More...
I like to ski.  I mean really like to ski.  I've done it for a long time and I fancy I'm quite good at it.  I Iike to have the latest gear too.  So I have this Ski Tracks app on my iPhone see.  It's very cool.  When I... More...
After many months of research, I’m pleased to announce that today QSM has released the 2014 version of its Software Almanac.  A follow-up to the previous version released in 2006, this 200+ page book includes more than 20 articles on topics... More...