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Install or Upgrade SLIM-Suite Versions 8.0®, 8.1®or 8.2® 


SLIM-Suite 8.0, 8.1, and 8.2 Installation/Upgrade Files

Visit our Installation & Upgrades page to download setup files, release notes, installation manuals and instructions for installing or upgrading to SLIM-Suite 8.0 8.1, or 8.2. For more information and a list of frequently asked installation questions, visit our Installation FAQs page.





SLIM-SUITE  API (Application Programmers Interface) Packages

Download and unzip selected version to a folder of your choosing. Documentation, API demo spreadsheets, and supporting files for all three SLIM Suite APIs (Estimate, Control, and DataManager) will be downloaded. Licensed Users Only. API passwords available via the REQUEST PASSWORD link.

SLIM-Suite 8.2 API Package

8.2 API

SLIM-Suite 8.1 API Package

8.1 API

SLIM-Suite 8.0 API Package

8.0 API

SLIM-Suite 7.0 API Package

7.0 API



SLIM-Suite 8.2 Utilities

Agile Adjuster, version
The Agile Adjuster updates a SLIM-Estimate workbook with new milestone and phase tuning values based on the project duration and Agile iteration length.   The utility can be called directly from within SLIM-Estimate using the extension menu option, making it easy to update the workbook whenever the solution changes.
Agile Adjuster    
SLIM-MasterPlan Skill Aggregator
This Microsoft® Excel® based spreadsheet aggregates and displays Life Cycle staffing by skill data from the SLIM-Estimate subsystems associated with the current solution in a SLIM-MasterPlan workbook.   The utility can be added to MasterPlan as an extension menu item, so the update can be called directly from MasterPlan whenever the solution is changed.
MasterPlan Skill Aggregator   
SLIM-MasterPlan Reader Utility
The MPReader utility is a command-line program that reads SLIM-MasterPlan workbook files and returns information about the subsystem files associated with a specific program in the workbook.
MPReader Utility   
SLIM-Multi-Project Skill Aggregator
A Microsoft® Excel® based spreadsheet that aggregates and displays the Life Cycle staffing by skill data for all SLIM-Estimate workbooks in a specified folder.
SLIM-Multi-Project Skill Aggregator
SLIM-DataManager SmartSheets®
The two SLIM-DataManager SmartSheets® in this package provide a spreadsheet-style interface for interfacing with SLIM-DataManager® using the DataManager Application Programming Interface. The Data Collection utility allows users to input data for a completed project via a spreadsheet based interface, then adds the project to a specified DataManager workbook.  The Data Extraction utility reads the contents of a SLIM-DataManager  database and displays the data in spreadsheet format.
SLIM-DataManager SmartSheets®

DataManager SmartSheets
There are 2 SLIM-DataManager SmartSheets® which are designed to provide a spreadsheet style interface for extracting project data from and adding  project data to SLIM-DataManager® workbooks, utilizing the DataManager Application Programming Interface (API).

DataManager SmartSheets

Documentation, Templates, and Sample Workbooks


Documentation, Templates, and Samples

SLIM-Suite 8.2 Documentation
This downloadable zip file contains the SLIM-Estimate, Control, DataManager, Metrics, MasterPlan, and Installation user guides in PDF format. Licensed Users Only.

SLIM-Suite 8.2

SLIM-Suite 8.2 Sample Workbooks
This downloadable zip file contains the full set of SLIM-Estimate, Control, Metrics, and DataManager sample workbooks that ship with SLIM-Suite version 8.2. Licensed Users Only.
SLIM-Suite 8.2 
Sample Workbooks
SLIM-Suite 8.2 Templates
This downloadable zip file contains the full set of SLIM-Estimate, Control, Metrics, and DataManager templates and sizing spreadsheets that ship with SLIM-Suite version 8.2. Licensed Users Only.
SLIM-Suite 8.2 

Training Files


SLIM-Suite Training Files

SLIM-Suite Exercise Files
This downloadable zip file contains the SLIM-Suite files used in  training class exercises. Select the link for either v8.1 or v8.2 to download and save SLIM-Suite exercise files to either your 'My Documents\QSM\Tools81' or ‘My Documents\QSM\Tools82’ directory. Right-click on the .zip compressed file and select ‘Extract All.’

SLIM-Suite v8.2
Exercise Files

SLIM-Suite v8.1
Exercise Files