Washington, D.C. Software Estimation

Washington, D.C. Software Estimation

Headquarterd in Washington, D.C., QSM provides superior estimation tools and consulting that enable our federal and commercial clients to estimate, track and benchmark projects with confidence. QSM tools and methods can help you negotiate achievable goals, set realistic expectations and communicate more effectively with your colleagues and customers. 

Our tools include:

  • SLIM-Estimate® is our premier software and systems estimating tool and method based on an extensive historic data base with a rich array of management trade-off capabilities and the ability to customize to the customer environment. This tool allows you to estimate the cost, schedule, effort, size, staff, reliability and risk on software projects.  It also allows for the benchmarking and sanity checking of estimates with industry and customer history. Our clients use this Putnam model-based parametric estimating tool for multiple design processes, including Agile development, hardware, infrastructure, model-based development, engineering and architecture design, service-oriented architecture, call center development, and more.  Includes SLIM-MasterPlan® and SLIM-Datamanager®
  • SLIM-Control® has the statistical process control techniques you need to assess the status of your project (compare the project plan against project actuals and generate a forecast to completion). SLIM-Control offers both built-in and user-defined metrics as well as earned value charting and reporting.
  • SLIM-Metrics® works with SLIM-DataManager to help you preserve project history, assess competitive position, identify bottlenecks, quantify the benefits of process improvement, and defend future project estimates. Benchmark your data against industry reference trends from the QSM database of over 13,000 complete software projects or create your own benchmark trends to use in SLIM-Metrics, SLIM-Estimate, or SLIM-Control.
  • EstimateExpress® is QSM's software project estimation tool for organizations with smaller estimating requirements. EstimateExpress accurately calculates the cost, schedule, reliability, and resources for large and small software projects while providing the ability to negotiate and plan multiple project scenarios. Backed by QSM and our worldwide industry database of thousands of software projects, Express is a perfect choice for software development shops that don't need an enterprise solution.

QSM was founded by Larry Putnam, a retired Army Colonel who worked on software cost estimating projects for government agencies that include the Department of Defense, US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, Department of Labor, General Accounting Office, U.S. Postal Service, National Archives and Records Agency, FAA and NASA. Considered to be among the top problem solvers in the software estimation and measurement field, Larry has authored four books and hundreds of articles. He is sought internationally as a speaker and management consultant.

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